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Dealing with pain and suffering

There is a quote that goes as follows: „We have all been taught that in order to survive, we must avoid pain. I’m telling you that in order to live, you must run towards the pain and stand in it.” (Panache Desai)

In my opinion this quote is right to the point where it says “run towards”, though I prefer to say “brace yourself to endure” the pain and then “stand in it = hold it”. The goal here is to hold this feeling (or any other than pain) in your body and let it be – without evaluation.

Just picture this:

You’ve got a wounded knee: A flesh wound that is quite fresh and hurts with movement. And you know that in order to improve your situation and to feel better you must do something, you must move. If you don't, it'll only get worse. But then again you know it’ll hurt.

So what do you do? Not move at all? Move it lightly? No. You start running. You start running and feel the pain. You may ask yourself whether it is necessary to be in pain, or better to just stop running (and turn around). I’m telling you: run. If you do, you will feel the pain at the beginning but you must know this pain comes from a wound that’s self-inflicted. You caused it by being unaware and careless of the one body you’re supposed to protect – your own, yourself. And now you’ve got to deal with it. And though it may hurt the more you run, the father you get used to it. The pain is now a feeling you are aware of but which becomes less occupying and absorbing with the growing distance. So you continue to run. And you know the purpose is to end the pain by first feeling it, then holding it, accepting it and letting it be – until it’s gone.

Until this pain eventually becomes a part of you and a lesson you’ve learned. You’ve learned to deal with it and by doing so you outran it. And what you’ve managed to do once, you can manage to do twice and as often as necessary – until you’ve learned your lessons and you’re stronger and wiser.

And this goes for all kinds of wounds. Not only the physical and visible ones. The emotional wounds, the wounds of a soul in pain (no matter the reason) must be overcome in the same way. And you might be able to prevent some future pain by taking better care of yourself, your body and soul.


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