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How can I support others when they’re feeling low?

Share your thoughts and feelings and speak up before it’s too late!

If you get the feeling that someone close to you is not feeling well and can’t or won’t express their emotions, start by telling them how you feel. Be an example.

Tell them whatever it is you feel. Whether it’s sadness, frustration, concern, helplessness…make them not just see but feel you care. Make them aware that what they feel concerns you too and that you are responsive for whatever and whenever they are ready to share with you. You can be there to support them, to listen – non-judgmental. This can already be a great relief.

As a friend or family member you can also encourage your loved ones to talk to a professional. This should not be frowned upon. It might just be what someone needs to get better and that should be the most important thing.

We all should pay attention to the people, who are close to us, especially when we know they’re not ok, though they’re trying to put on a brave face and tell you they’re fine. Most people do this because they are afraid of being a burden to others, especially their loved ones.

You can show and tell them that they’re not a burden and that you can handle some truth – the reality they live in – and deal with (negative) emotions OR you feel like you can’t handle it right now — which is totally ok as well! — and you tell your friend/family member it might be best if a professional took over.

Just be honest and be there — that’s the best you can do.

And that's the best thing we can teach our kids, too.


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