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The beauty of tears

One of the most beautiful ways for people to heal is through tears. Some might not know this, but there is some power in releasing what’s been held back for far too long. Tears of pain, anger, hurt, frustration, sadness, loss…

I know a person, who can’t cry. He wishes he could, because he thinks it can only be a relief. (I believe he is right.) An emotion of whatever kind, that’s trapped within the body, which he can’t show and can’t let go of – at least not through tears.

What I often witness and associate with tears, are smiles as well. Maybe not right in that very moment but afterwards. I can see people breathing freely and deeply again – a sign of relief, like a heavy weight’s been lifted from their shoulders. Which is, in fact, exactly what happens. They’re being freed from something. An internal block, that’s being resolved.

So, if you were trying to hold tears back, for whatever reason – I tell you: Don’t.

Let go. Let it happen. Express what you feel and you’ll feel a change happening. Shed some tears and don’t apologize for it. There is no need at all for being sorry. Mostly women have this tendency to apologize either during or after crying. Why? There is no shame in tears or crying, it’s not a weakness and I don’t care if you’re unable to continue to speak and finish what you were saying. That’s the whole point of it, that’s why this happens. It all doesn’t matter as long as you are able to feel and show your emotions - because some of us actually can’t. Be grateful that you can, that you have the strength, the physical ability to cry. And be sure of it: I’ll always have enough tissues for you to wipe those tears away. :)

I’ll be there, hearing you, seeing you for who you truly are - if you let me. I don’t judge, I don’t need to be pleased, there is no right or wrong answer, no words you need to say, no emotion you need to hide. I only want to hear your truth, your story. I want to know what your life is like and mostly feels like for you, so I can understand you fully and help you in the best way possible. From my point of view, tears do tell a story and what I see, is the beauty in your tears and what we can make of it.

Caroline Pitz


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