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The hardest lesson

Are you in control of yourself and your emotions or have your emotions got the better of you?

If you feel the need to lash out at somebody because you’re hurt, you should take a breath first and ask yourself why you are doing this and who you are actually doing this to.

I know it’s difficult to deal with feelings like anger and pain, disappointment and rejection (to name but a few), but we never really feel better by hurting someone else. Especially not if this person is (like in most cases) someone you actually care about, someone you love. You’ll only get hurt even more in the process.

So learn self-control and calm down! There are so many ways to do this. And if you can’t find a way on your own, then get some help. You need to learn how to deal with your emotions. It’s no use stashing away your emotions, because suppressing your feelings is never helping. Sooner or later it’ll cause either an emotional outburst or a breakdown. And you most definitely don't want that. You can’t keep running around and let hatred and pain make you blind with rage and be the cause for your actions. This will only lead to you pushing the people you love further and further away. You really want that? Do you think they’ll come back? Maybe. Or maybe not. And what will you have left then, if you’re on your own? I hope you come up with something good here now! If not, then you should know it was you, who ruined your life and social relations. You are the only one to blame. And even if there are reasons to believe that something or someone in your past “made you this way”, you are still responsible for your own actions. No one else is.

So before you lash out, you might want to think about that for a second!

You don’t have to be this person anymore! Just take a look in the mirror! Do you even recognize yourself? Is the person you see, the person you truly want to be? You have the choice to be, who you want to be! You can let the inner child heal. So instead of becoming bitter and depressed and start hating yourself, you do the only sensible thing: you change! You become a much better version of yourself and you’ll learn to love again and maybe learn to let others love you again, too. Simply because you deserve to be loved! We all do. But to do so, we must learn to love ourselves in the first place! And this might be the hardest lesson to learn.


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