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Caroline Pitz

      Natural health professional for psychotherapy

                                      in Heidelberg


Kinesiology – a holistic practice to improve health, de-stress, increase your potential and dissolve blocks.

Kinesiology assumes that the subconscious mind memorises everything we have ever experienced. If traumatic events stay there and do not become conscious and cannot be processed they try to draw attention by showing physical or behavioural symptoms.

Have you ever asked yourself why you seem to overreact in some situations and show emotional reactions which seem to have nothing to do with the current matter? Have you maybe felt regret or ashamed of yourself afterwards but you just couldn’t find an explanation for what has gotten into you?

Well, apparently your subconscious mind was at work. A harmless matter in itself acted as trigger for an event in the past you haven’t overcome or dealt with yet. Your former feelings and reaction to this event were relived. Psychological studies show that, whether danger is real or imagined, our brain reacts and works in the same way.

Kinesiology is a great tool to free yourself of  these "ghosts of the past" and the associated physical or behavioural symptoms.

It is a concept for diagnosis and treatment at the same time, which combines bodywork and psychotherapy. We assume here that our muscle tension gives feedback on the functional condition of the body. With the so-called muscle test we can identify the subjects of stress which weaken our muscles. These signals of the body can be used to find the psychological cause of the symptoms.

I will help you recall the suppressed conflict and decouple/resolve the associated emotional stress with the help of a special technique.

Working with Kinesiology is a gentle and quick way to find and resolve psychological conflicts which have led to blocks and physical symptoms.

  Caroline Pitz | Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie