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Caroline Pitz

      Natural health professional for psychotherapy

                                      in Heidelberg

Guided Affective Imagery (GAI)

​Guided affective imagery is a form of depth analysis, developed by Hans Carl Leuner.

Just like in a daydream we will follow the psyche with the help of images. I will initiate the therapy with a relaxation technique and then ask you to picture a scene. You will simply describe what you see and I will use a special questioning technique to continue the scene and guide you through your daydream which will unfold as we go along.

The images you come across and the impressions you experience in the process are a manifestation of your subconscious mind. It is communicating with us in symbols. I have learnt to understand the symbolic meaning and am therefore able to detect troubles or problems and know how to resolve them.

It is not only a matter of  the current conflicts you're experiencing and which you are aware of, but also a matter of troubling issues of your subconscious mind which haven’t been resolved so far. Trust your subconscious! It protects us against mental overload in our everyday lives and will thus only allow those images you can handle and need to deal with. One step at a time. And I will be at your side to guide you.

This form of therapy is quite suitable for children as well.

  Caroline Pitz | Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie  

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