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Caroline Pitz

      Natural health professional for psychotherapy

                                      in Heidelberg

Coping with Anxiety

Fear – who doesn’t know it?

The way in which our fears show differs a lot: an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach, a bodily symptom (fast heartbeat, shaking, sweating), specific behaviour (running away, pulling the covers over one‘s head) down to ritualised acts (compulsions) and much more.

Anxiety is generally a normal and essential experience. Being afraid can be useful in dangerous situations. If fear on the other hand defines our whole life because it influences our way of thinking, feeling and our behaviour, it is not a necessary and protective mechanism anymore, but instead it has become an obstacle. And we need to overcome this obstacle.

I will help you live your life more freely. Apart from relaxation techniques I use methods from cognitive behavioural therapy. Here, your fear, or rather your problem, will be analysed and the defective patterns of thinking and behaviour identified. We will then replace them by new positive and effective ones.

​We do not always have to find the cause of our fears in order to deal with them.

Nevertheless, there is also the possibility of finding the cause. For example by working with psychokinesiology or guided affective imagery. Through these forms of therapy, we work and deal with problems not only of our conscious mind, but also of our subconscious mind. We are simply not aware of some fears and anxiety-provoking subjects in our lives. However, we can identify and work with them. I will be your guide and accompany you – step by step.

  Caroline Pitz | Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie  

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